Mahall Ankara Dermatology Clinic Design

A Stylish and Minimalist Dermatology Clinic Design by Move Interior Design

As Move Interior Design we aim to offer aesthetic and functional designs that meet the expectations of our customers. The dermatology clinic we designed for Assoc. Dr.Filiz Canpolat was shaped with a minimalist design approach and adorned with natural elements.

In the clinical design, gray tones were used predominantly. Gray colors were chosen to create a simple and modern atmosphere. The walls were painted in different shades of gray, providing a dynamism in the clinic. On the ground, light tones were preferred. In this way, other colors and materials used in the clinic became more prominent by separating from the floor.

Natural elements in the clinic completed the minimalist design of the space. Plants in decorative pots added vitality to the space. The use of plants allowed the clinic to gain a natural and warm atmosphere. In addition, the lightings chosen in harmony with natural light provided a unity in the clinic.

In the clinical design, functionality was also of great importance. The ergonomics of the seats, the quality of the equipment and the measures taken to provide a hygienic environment were meticulously handled. In this way, it was ensured that the patients were treated comfortably and safely.

As Move Architecture, the dermatology clinic we designed for Assoc. Dr. Filiz Canpolat has become one of the best examples of a minimalist design approach. The simple and modern atmosphere of the clinic will help patients relax during the treatment process. We will continue to offer personalized and unique designs to all our customers who work with us.