1071 Plaza Clinic Design

Minimalist and Stylish Clinic Design by Move Interior Design for Dentist Dr. Billur

At Move Interior Design, we strive to provide our clients with personalized designs that take into account their individual preferences and needs. The clinic we designed for Dentist Dr. Billur is a prime example of this approach.

In the clinic design, we embraced a minimalist approach. With a predominance of white tones, we maintained the simplicity of the design by using light gray shades for the chairs. By emphasizing vertical lines, we created a modern and elegant look for the clinic. Additionally, we opted for gold accents in some accessories and lighting fixtures to create a warm and sophisticated ambiance.

Various lighting options were employed in the clinic. We used LED lighting for general illumination and successfully achieved different atmospheres with varying color temperatures. Furthermore, we selected specific lighting fixtures in certain areas of the clinic to create different effects.

To establish a natural environment, we incorporated plants into the clinic. The plants not only added a touch of nature to the space but also contributed to the patients' relaxation. We adorned the walls with occasional marble elements and botanical artwork, achieving a balance that combines modernity with a natural atmosphere.

Functionality and comfort were also crucial considerations in the clinic design. Each aspect of the clinic was meticulously designed to ensure patients' comfort and tranquility during treatment. Attention was given to factors such as ergonomic chairs, staff comfort, equipment quality, and maintaining a hygienic environment.

At Move Interior Design, we applied our minimalist and stylish design approach in a way that aligns with the needs of both patients and staff in the clinic we designed for Dentist Dr. Billur. By balancing aesthetics and functionality, we created an efficient and comfortable space for both patients and staff. We will continue to offer unique and personalized designs to all our clients.