Mahall Ankara Clinic Design

Move Interior Design's Natural and Elegant Dental Clinic Design

At Move Interior Design, our aim is to provide aesthetic and functional designs that meet our clients' expectations. The clinic we designed for Dentist Fatma Tekin perfectly reflects our natural and elegant design approach.

The clinic design revolves around white and cream tones. These colors were used to create a spacious and serene atmosphere. Additionally, the use of white and cream allows other colors and materials in the space to stand out, enhancing their prominence.

Marble also plays a significant role in the clinic design. Different patterns and colors of marble were incorporated into the walls, adding dynamism to the space. The use of marble is harmonious with other materials used in the clinic.

To enhance the natural atmosphere, plants and pampas grass were incorporated. Plants placed in decorative vases serve as both an aesthetic element and a means to help patients relax. Decorative vases were also strategically placed in various corners of the clinic, adding liveliness to the space.

Functionality was given great importance in the clinic design. The ergonomics of the chairs, the quality of equipment, and meticulous measures for maintaining a hygienic environment were carefully considered. These measures ensure that patients can receive treatment in a comfortable and safe manner.

The clinic we designed for Dentist Fatma Tekin exemplifies our natural and elegant design approach. The warm and natural atmosphere of the clinic will help patients feel at ease during their treatment process. We will continue to provide personalized and unique designs to all our clients.

Fatma Tekin Klinik Tasarımı