YDA Center Dietitian Clinic Design

Expert Use of Asymmetry and Contrast with Dietitian Burcu Türkay Clinic

As Move Interior Design, we act with the mission of making our customers' dreams come true. Each of our designs is carefully planned and implemented to reflect our customers' personal preferences, business needs and brand identities. Dietitian Burcu Türkay's clinic is a unique example of this understanding.

In this project, we brought together the sharp contrast of black and white colors and the dynamic energy of asymmetrical lines, unlike traditional approaches often used in clinical design. While black and white create a modern and timeless effect, asymmetrical lines and patterns add vitality and mobility to the general atmosphere of the space. These design choices create an inspiring and motivating environment for both patients and staff of the clinic.

The use of asymmetrical lines and patterns on the walls adds a distinctive character to the general design of the clinic. These asymmetrical lines offer a more energetic and dynamic look, unlike traditional straight lines. In addition, these lines and patterns enrich the general atmosphere of the place, attracting and inspiring the people inside.

In the clinic we designed, we also created a cooking workshop area. While this workshop creates a functional feature of the clinic, it also adds warmth and sincerity to the general atmosphere of the place.

We preferred the calm and peaceful light blue color for the table in the reception area. This color choice softens the sharp contrast of black and white, while adding a spacious and pleasant atmosphere to the reception area. In addition, the light blue color reminds nature and the sky, adding a natural atmosphere to the space.

As Move Interior Design, we took great care to observe the balance of functionality and aesthetics while carrying out the project. We have thought of every detail in the design of the clinic to ensure that patients are treated in a comfortable and peaceful environment. In order to create a space where patients can wait, we designed a spacious and bright welcoming area. At the same time, we have made the processing rooms fully equipped, easy to use and ergonomic.

In addition to the modern equipment, the sterilization process was handled with great care in the operation rooms of the clinic. Therefore, the quality of all materials used in the clinic is essential for a healthy treatment. In this regard, the highest standard was provided for the health of both patients and employees.

In the design of the clinic, comfort and functionality were at the forefront as well. For this reason, adequate areas have been created where patients and employees can feel comfortable. Sufficient space was provided to move around the clinic and meet their needs. In this way, we have ensured that the clinic is a comfortable, spacious and efficient environment.

Dietitian Burcu Türkay's clinic is a perfect example of Move Interior Design's unique and modern design approach. In this project, an original design emerged with the skillful use of asymmetry and contrast.

The harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics succeeded in meeting the needs of patients and staff. The aim of the clinic was to help patients develop healthy lifestyle skills, which was also reflected in the design. This project has been an example for us, as always, in which we strive to best meet the needs of our customers.