Vitrin Beytepe Dietitian Clinic Design

Exclusive to Dietitian Begüm Yurter, Close to Nature, Bright and Spacious Clinical Design

As Move Interior Design, we strive to reveal a different spirit and a different story in each project. One of these projects was the clinic we designed specifically for dietitian Begüm Yurter. The project aimed to create a spacious and bright space by blending the peaceful colors of nature with our modern design approach.

While these colors increase the energies of both patients and employees, they offer them a peaceful and comfortable environment.By including smoked tones in our design, we presented elegance and comfort together. This design, which we aim to create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for both patients and employees, is used as a tool to increase the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services.
In our flooring selection, we preferred marble in light tones. However, by creating a slight variation between the tones of the marble, we gave the floor a dynamic look. While this tonal difference breaks the monotonous appearance of the floor, it adds richness to the overall design of the space.

We have enriched the atmosphere of the place with different options for lighting. While aiming to use natural light at the maximum level, we ensured that every point of the clinic is ideally illuminated with artificial lights. In this way, we not only benefited from daylight to the maximum extent, but also preserved the bright and spacious atmosphere of the clinic even in the evening hours or in cloudy weather conditions.
We placed live plants at different points of the clinic. While these plants add a fresh air to the space, they also strengthen the connection with nature. We strengthened this nature theme by using plant and green figures on the walls. While these figures add vitality to the general atmosphere of the place, they succeeded in creating an environment intertwined with nature.
Dietitian Begüm Yurter's clinic is one of the projects that best reflects Move Architecture's understanding of combining nature and modern design. This project is a project designed to meet the needs of patients and employees.