Mira Ofis Physiotherapy Clinic Design

Energetic Design

At Move Interior Design, we showcased an approach that emphasizes energy and natural elements in the clinic design we created for Fizyoritim Healthy Living Center. This design aimed to reflect the dynamic and serene atmosphere of the wellness center.

We incorporated the color yellow at the entrance of the clinic. Yellow stands out as a color that enhances energy and a sense of happiness. The use of yellow at the entrance area aims to energetically welcome guests and introduce them to the positive atmosphere of the center.

For the exercise rooms, we opted for a combination of yellow and gray on the floor. While yellow represents energy and movement, gray emphasizes calmness and balance. This color combination creates a dynamic atmosphere in the exercise rooms while also supporting mental relaxation and concentration. We added light-colored wooden textures on the walls, which enhance the sense of naturalness and warmth, bringing a touch of nature to the rooms. Additionally, we installed large mirrors in the exercise rooms to enable users to monitor their movements and perform exercises with proper form.

We also incorporated wooden textures in various areas of the clinic, such as the changing rooms. Wood symbolizes naturalness and a soothing atmosphere, aiming to enhance user comfort. In the cafeteria area, we used white marble and vertical lines in combination with wood textures. This combination brings elegance and naturalness together, adding a sense of spaciousness. Additionally, by using glass walls, we ensured a complete view of the surrounding greenery, creating a spacious environment filled with natural light. The green plants placed at different points in the space create an atmosphere intertwined with nature, further enhancing the feeling of freshness and tranquility.

At Move Interior Design, with our clinic design for Fizyoritim Healthy Living Center, we aimed to offer an energetic and integrated experience with nature. We focused on maintaining a balance between aesthetics and functionality while prioritizing user comfort and convenience.

Every detail was meticulously planned in the design of Fizyoritim Healthy Living Center. The carefully selected colors, materials, and decorations came together to provide users with an energetic and healthy environment. The color yellow reflects the center's dynamism and energy, while wooden textures create a natural warmth and comfort.

The application of glass walls fills the interior space with natural light, creating a sense of freshness and liveliness while integrating with the surrounding greenery. Green plants contribute to user relaxation and stress reduction, creating a healthy environment. The large mirrors in the exercise rooms allow users to track their movements and add depth and spaciousness to the rooms.

Gold details in the cafeteria area establish an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, while accessories and ceiling lighting offer aesthetic richness. These details make users feel special and increase their satisfaction.

At Move Interior Design, in the clinic design we created for Fizyoritim Healthy Living Center, we aimed to combine aesthetics, functionality, and natural elements to support users' journey toward a healthy lifestyle. This design, where each detail was carefully considered, was developed with a focus on user comfort, energy, and happiness.

Fizyoritim Healthy Living Center is an example of Move Interior Design's innovative and original design approach. By continuing to provide our clients with unique and personalized designs, we will strive to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of healthy living centers in the best possible way.