ATM Plaza Hairtransplantation Clinic Design

An Aesthetic and Functional Medical Clinic Design in Harmony by Move Interior Design

At Move Interior Design, our goal is to provide aesthetic and functional designs that cater to our clients' preferences and expectations. The clinic design we created for Dr. Kaan Pekiner is a prime example of this approach.

In the clinic design, the use of black and white colors signifies a minimalist approach while exuding elegance and sophistication. The sharp contrast between black and white reflects the clinic's modern and refined atmosphere. This color palette creates a clean and serene look, promoting relaxation and calmness for the patients.

Geometric shapes on the ceiling add dynamism and visual interest to the space. These details contribute to a modern and contemporary style while emphasizing architectural features. The use of geometric patterns in different areas of the clinic provides functional segmentation, separating various sections of the clinic.

The marble flooring in light and dark tones adds elegance and a natural touch to the space. The different shades of marble bring depth and character to the overall design of the clinic, creating an aesthetically appealing atmosphere. The durability and aesthetic appeal of marble enhance the trust and satisfaction of the clinic's users.

The clinic design we executed for Dr. Kaan Pekiner exemplifies the harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Every detail of the design is carefully planned, taking into consideration the comfort and well-being of the patients. Each area of the clinic aims to meet the users' needs while offering a stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Dr. Kaan Pekiner's clinic is a reflection of Move Interior Design's unique and professional design approach. We will continue to provide our clients with customized and innovative designs, always prioritizing quality and satisfaction.