YDA Center Cardiology Clinic Design

Dr. Veli’S Clinic: Aesthetic and Functionality

At Move Interior Design, we aim to provide stylish and functional clinic designs that cater to the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of each client. The design we have created for Dr. Veli’S clinic is a reflection of this approach.

In the clinic design, we opted for a predominantly white patterned marble floor. The white color brings freshness and brightness to the clinic, while the patterned texture adds visual appeal. By incorporating touches of dark-colored marble, we create a contrast that adds depth to the clinic.

To emphasize natural elements and warmth, we used wooden textures predominantly on the walls. The wood details bring a soothing atmosphere and natural charm to the clinic. Additionally, we chose to incorporate wall moldings in some areas to add elegance and character to the walls.

Gold accents were introduced in the accessories and ceiling lighting. Gold adds an elegant touch to the clinic, providing an aesthetic richness. These details complement the clinic's overall elegance and enhance its prestige.

To create a natural atmosphere, we placed accessory vases and plants in various areas of the clinic. Plants elevate the vitality and energy within the clinic, promoting a sense of tranquility for the patients. Furthermore, in the reception area where dark-colored furniture predominates, we opted for cream and green-toned seats to add vibrancy and warmth.

The design we have created for Dr. Veli’S clinic embodies our commitment to combining aesthetics, functionality, and natural elements. Every detail of the design has been carefully planned with the comfort and satisfaction of the patients in mind.

Dr. Veli’S clinic reflects Move Interior Design's standards of quality and creative approach. We will continue to provide each of our clients with customized, aesthetic, and functional designs.