YDA Center Aesthetic Surgery Clinic Design

Step into Perfection with the Signature of Move Architecture

Move Architecture, as one of the leading architectural firms, has brought to life an aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic for Dr. Ayşe Hanım. The design of the clinic is dominated by white and cream tones, creating a sense of freshness and tranquility that contributes to the relaxation of the patients. Additionally, the use of wooden textures in certain areas establishes a natural and warm atmosphere, enhancing the comfort of the patients.

Furniture with oval shapes adds a modern touch to the clinic, while the gray tones and white colors emphasize elegance. The selection of furniture has been carefully made to ensure the comfort of the patients. A harmonious color palette has been employed for the aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic, resulting in a minimalist and stylish ambiance.

Different lighting options have been utilized to enhance the clinic's atmosphere. Lighting arrangements create focal points in different areas, strengthening the overall ambiance. Soft lights create a soothing atmosphere, while the lighting solutions add a modern and contemporary feel, emphasizing the clinic's elegance.

Green plants and flowers bring nature and liveliness into the clinic's interior, creating a sense of spaciousness. Natural elements help patients to relax and experience a peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, artworks placed on the walls provide an aesthetic touch, adding artistic and graceful appearance to the clinic.

Designed by Move Architecture, the aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic offers a blend of elegance and comfort. The combination of white and cream tones, wooden textures, furniture with oval shapes, and diverse lighting solutions adds a modern touch to the clinic. Green plants, flowers, and artworks create a natural and aesthetic atmosphere. Move Architecture provides a design tailored to the needs of Dr. Ayşe Hanım's clinic, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery.