YDA Center Eye Health and Diseases Clinic Design

Traces of Modern Elegance

As Move Interior Design, we have designed a customized space for Prof. Dr. Ömür Gündüz Eye Health and Diseases Clinic located in YDA Center. In this design, our goal was to create a serene, peaceful, and modern atmosphere by predominantly using white and cream colors. We have harmoniously blended aesthetics and functionality in every detail of the clinic.

By incorporating the elegance of white and cream colors on the clinic walls, we have established an airy ambiance. However, instead of a uniform appearance, we have strategically added wooden touches to provide a natural sensation. The warmth and authenticity of wood contribute to a pleasant environment where your patients can relax.

The placement of paintings and green plants throughout the clinic adds character and liveliness to the space. Paintings not only offer aesthetic appeal but also create a tranquil atmosphere for your patients. Green plants evoke a sense of nature and vibrancy, bringing a touch of the outdoors into the clinic environment. Both paintings and plants support the relaxation and tranquility of your patients during their visits.

For the furniture, we have opted for white and green tones. White represents cleanliness and sterility, while green establishes a connection with nature, promoting a sense of calmness and relaxation. The furniture's curved lines present a modern and elegant aesthetic.

At Move Interior Design, we prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of your patients in our clinic designs. The specially designed space for Prof. Dr. Ömür Gündüz Eye Health and Diseases Clinic offers a warm, inviting, and peaceful environment with the soothing effects of white and cream colors, the natural touch of wooden elements, and the vitality of paintings and green plants.

If you are seeking a unique clinic design that combines aesthetics, functionality, and comfort, Move Interior Design is here to support you. Contact us to bring your vision to life. Our experienced team will be delighted to provide you with exceptional designs that exceed your expectations.